“One of the big problems with shipping is that it’s a very out of sight out-of-mind pollution source. If we do not get maritime ship emissions under control, we will not solve the climate emergency.”

Madeline Rose, Pacific Environment

Compliance Leads to Commercial Improvements

Real measurements equals real management

97% of a vessel’s emissions are caused by the main engine, and the majority of them take place deep at sea, in international waters, out of sight of any enforcement agency.  With SeaARCTOS on board, ship owners can monitor their emissions and compare vessel performance mid-ocean or on the other side of the world. 


SeaARCTOS will also allow clients to benchmark their vessels against similar anonymized and indexed units.

A Cleaner Planet...and a Better Bottom Line

At SeaARCTOS we believe you can be fiscally and environmentally responsible at the same time.  In fact, studies have shown that a clear and defined ESG strategy sets you apart and generates long-term financial opportunities for sustainable growth & success.


Comprehensive ESG reporting provides a roadmap for investors in selecting stable companies to add to their portfolio and propel their bottom line.

Acting on Climate Change

Playing your part in reducing global emissions should be simple, inexpensive and painless. The SeaARCTOS solution is easy to install and maintain.  Your transparency will serve as a beacon of change to the market and inspire others to do the same.


The result will be greater business opportunities, and real savings in terms of port turnarounds, efficiencies in operation, preferential treatment and beneficial rates.

Charterers want the best ships, so do their customers, their shareholders and consumers. Real time data is critical to act upon issues of climate change.

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