Delivered Directly To You True, Transparent & Timely Vessel Emission Data

Zero Impact

The worlds’ first completely carbon neutral operating emission sensor

Our revolutionary technology monitors and reports actual vessel exhaust emissions in real time & confirms fuel switches when entering and exiting designated (S)ECA zones.


Real time CO2 emission monitoring enables users to act on climate change and carbon pricing dynamically.

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Meet the ARCTOS-1

Vessel-Specific Real Time Emission Data

Straight from Your Stack to Your In-Box


How harnessing real time, accurate, actual emissions data helps save the planet and saves you money

Vessel Emissions

A Polar Opposite Approach

What’s In a Name?

Our history, philosophy, telemetry & global responsibility

We Couldn’t Do This Alone

Shipping, science, chemistry, engineering and analytics

The multiple disciplines that work in concert to bring you the ARCTOS-1


Replacing 19th and 20th century intelligence gathering with actual, real time intelligence to enable meaningful emissions monitoring and helping to counter climate change.

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